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The Evolution of Elite’s Eco Modular Concept

25th September 2017

bespoke concept building front

Modular construction sits at the forefront of industry innovation, providing solutions that are quicker, cleaner and less expensive than traditional building.

As the demands of the end-users and specifiers change, we’re always considering what the next phase of bespoke modular construction might look like so that we can stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why we’ve developed our brand new concept building, which we’ll unveil to the public for the first time at The Build Show at Birmingham’s NEC on 10th – 12th October.

An Eco Modular System

Our decades of experience of designing and installing modular buildings for healthcare, commercial use and education have given us valuable insights into creating bespoke sustainable modular buildings.

The new eco modular concept is a future-proof building that can stand up to the rigours of everyday use whilst minimising environmental impact. We’ve considered every element of the design to ensure that the building exceeds current building regulations whilst creating a pleasant environment for the end user.

One of the key features of the concept is clever use of ventilation and insulation to regulate the temperature without the need for air conditioning and heating systems. Windows are triple glazed and the walls feature triple-layered insulation to keep the heat in, and the building benefits from additional solar shading to keep heat out in summer, while the positioning of the windows draws more air into the building to cool the interior space.

We have specified greener materials throughout the building, from the timber frame to the increased use of low-VOC materials to create a ‘healthier’ space. The rainwater harvesting system is built into the design so that there is no large unsightly tank bolted onto the exterior of the building. In ideal conditions, the solar PV roof panels will create all the energy the building requires to run.

bespoke concept building side

Real World Applications

The eco concept is designed to be suitable for a range of real world applications. The flexibility of the design means that it can be used as a modular classroom, office building, sports pavilion or modular hospital ward.

Our bespoke design capabilities mean that the concept is scalable: while the model we are unveiling at the Build Show is based around the footplate of a two-classroom education building, in reality we can manufacture significantly bigger eco buildings based on this design.

With small changes to the shading elements, the concept can be applied to a two or three-storey modular building system and the only limiting factor to the floorplate is the size of the space available.

And while this building will stand the test of time, it is also a good option for a temporary modular solution. Specifying the eco concept as a temporary structure will result in our installation team requiring a shorter time onsite, and the building can be easily relocated if required.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

The concept’s sustainability and green credentials are the guiding design principle of the building, but we understand why specifiers choose modular construction: speed, cost and lack of disruption.

The eco concept doesn’t compromise on these benefits. While certain elements result in a slightly longer manufacturing schedule of around two weeks, the installation of the building can still be completed within the usual timeframe of around six weeks.

At Elite, we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke modular solutions: in this case, the design is adaptable, but certain components such as the rainwater harvesting system and low-VOC materials are applicable across the board. That means our customers can reap the benefits of cost-savings from including these key design elements rather than designing a green solution from scratch.

The eco concept builds on our decades of experience providing modular solutions to create a sustainable futureproof system that meets our customers’ needs for years to come.