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08 Jun

Building the Case for BIM and Modular Construction

Building Information Modelling – more commonly referred to as BIM - is one of the key buzz-phrases in the construction sector...

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02 May

Health sector turns to modular construction for cheaper, safer expansion

Hospitals and medical centres across the country are in desperate need of additional space and upgrades to improve clinical environments for staff and patients. But with so many medical buildings dating back to a time when adaptability was not a consideration, expansion projects represent a major challenge for the healthcare sector.

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03 Apr

The Process of Modular Construction: From Design to Décor

Even though off-site construction is a simpler process than traditional building, there are still definite advantages to using a company which can support every step of the process. That’s why Elite Systems offers a turnkey service offering expert guidance from the first meeting to the last lick of paint.

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22 Feb

No access? No problem: why offsite construction is the right fit for hard-to-access sites

With lack of space and the cost of land often prohibiting expansion beyond a property’s existing boundaries, organisations are searching for ways to make the most of their existing space. But what if those spaces are small pockets of land, often enclosed by other buildings and walls?

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25 Jan

How modular construction is meeting the need for school expansion

Britain is in the midst of the worst shortage of school places in decades, and headteachers around the country are looking for ways to accommodate additional intake – without breaking the bank.

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