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A Sustainable Solution

Our Eco Concept builds on decades of experience providing modular solutions to create a sustainable future-proof system that meets our customers’ needs for years to come.

The concept is designed to be suitable for a range of real world applications and has been assessed* to achieve an Outstanding rating by BREEAM.

Eco Classroom Front View bespoke concept building side

A Flexible Design

The flexibility of the design means that it can be used as a modular classroom, office building, sports pavilion or modular hospital ward and our bespoke design capabilities mean that the concept is scalable to meet the needs of the brief.

  • An innovative ventilation and insulation solution regulates the temperature without the need for air conditioning and heating systems
  • High performance triple glazed windows
  • Ultra-efficient triple-layered wall insulation
  • Solar shading keeps heat out in summer
  • In ideal conditions, the solar PV roof panels create all the energy the building requires to run
  • The positioning of the windows draws more air into the building to cool the interior space
  • Environmentally focused materials throughout, including timber frame and increased use of low-VOC materials
  • Rainwater harvesting system built into the design so that there is no large unsightly tank visible on the exterior of the building
  • Assessed* to BREEAM Outstanding

*Dependent on final installation and site conditions. Please contact us for more information.

To see more details about our Eco-Classroom concept, download our hand-out.