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Why We’re Moving into Housing

26th February 2018

housing concept block

At Elite, we pride ourselves on being able to work with our customers to create a bespoke modular solution for any market: whether it’s our eco classroom concept, modular units for healthcare, or commercial buildings.

However, in the past year we have seen one segment of the modular market in particular grow and grow: housing.

As people begin to understand the benefits of modular construction – speed, cost-effectiveness and a pleasant environment for end-users – it is natural that the residential sector would look to off-site construction as part of a solution to the current housing shortfall.

The UK government has estimated that England will have an extra 210,000 households per year between 2014 and 2039, any many experts see off-site construction (and modular homes in particular) as a key part of the solution.

Our Modular Housing Solution

Our decision to expand our capability into the residential housing sector is both natural and considered. It’s true that this is a new market for us: but the same principles that make modular construction a good fit for education and healthcare hold true for housing.

We believe that housebuilders and local authorities can benefit from all that modular building methods have to offer: from reduced construction times, lower material wastage, lower cost of preliminaries and fewer contractors on site.

housing concept detached

Our bespoke approach to off-site construction means that there is plenty of scope for flexibility in design: we can manufacture single units or mews-style homes, and will work closely with architects, developers and local authorities to ensure that the property is of the highest quality, meets planning conditions and provides an excellent living environment for the end user.

We can develop a property to match the local character of any given area, and our vast range of cladding and finishing options allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of the appearance of the house.

In particular, we believe that our bespoke modular housing prototype will offer a much-needed solution for low-cost or social housing providers, offering a speedy and flexible solution to what is an ongoing issue for local authorities.

One Cambridge University study stated that England required a total of 75,000 new social sector houses per year. With its fast rate of construction, high cost-efficiency and economies of scale achievable when building in a factory setting, our bespoke off-site construction housing solution would be a perfect fit.

If you would like to learn more about our modular housing solution, visit us at ecobuild where we will be officially launching the prototype on our stand F43. Or you can contact us today to find out more.